Choosing Crystals for Crystal Reiki: Enhancing Healing Energy

"Amplify Your Crystal Reiki Practice with the Right Crystals"

Tue Dec 12, 2023

Choosing Crystals for Crystal Reiki: Enhancing Healing Energy

The healing powers of crystals and Reiki energy healing procedures are combined in Crystal Reiki, a potent and all-encompassing healing therapy. Since each crystal carries a distinct vibrational energy, the choosing of crystals utilised in Crystal Reiki is an important component of this technique. We'll discuss the art of selecting crystals for Crystal Reiki in this article, as well as introduce you to our internationally recognised "Certification in Crystal Reiki" course, which is made to provide you the knowledge and abilities to use crystal energy for healing and wellbeing.

The Synergy of Crystal Reiki

Crystal The foundation of Reiki is the idea that crystals can strengthen Reiki's healing energy, fostering harmony and wellbeing. During a Reiki session, the appropriate crystals can be picked out and properly positioned on or around the recipient's body to accomplish the following:

Amplify Energy: Reiki energy is amplified by crystals, which increases the healing session's effectiveness.

Balance Chakras: With specific gems, the body's energy centres can be synchronised and balanced (chakras).

Clear Blockages: Crystals have the power to alleviate negative emotions and remove energy blockages.

Enhance Intuition: During a session, some crystals can improve the practitioner's intuitive skills.

Choosing the Right Crystals

Both art and science go into choosing the right crystals for a Crystal Reiki treatment. The following are some things to remember:

Intuition: When selecting crystals, trust your gut. You might feel pulled to a certain crystal during a given session.

Intent: Describe the session's goals. Do you wish to encourage emotional healing, chakra balance, or the release of bad energy?

Crystal Properties: Recognize the therapeutic effects of various crystals. For instance, rose quartz encourages love and compassion, while amethyst is renowned for its calming energy.

Chakra Alignment: Select crystals that align with the chakras you want to focus on. For instance, rose quartz and amethyst are linked to the heart chakra and crown chakra, respectively.

Cleanse and Charge: To optimise the energy potential of your chosen crystals, make sure they have been cleansed and charged.

Certification in Crystal Reiki”: Master the Art of Crystal Healing

Our "Certification in Crystal Reiki" course is created to give you the knowledge and abilities required to advance your Crystal Reiki practise if you are passionate about using the combined healing and well-being powers of crystals and Reiki. This highly regarded course covers a range of Crystal Reiki topics, such as:

Crystal selection and placement: Find out how to set crystals and how to pick the best ones for a given healing session.

Chakra balancing with crystals: Learn about utilising crystals to balance and align the chakras.

Crystal cleansing and charging: Learn how to maintain the optimal energy in your crystals by cleaning and charging them.

Intuitive Crystal Reiki: Improve your intuitive skills and your relationship with gemstones.

After finishing the course, you'll be awarded a certification that may help you advance in your personal healing process or open doors to a rewarding profession in energy therapy.

Enroll in the "Certification in Crystal Reiki" course right now to maximise the benefits of Crystal Reiki by choosing the right crystals.


The combination of two potent healing therapies, crystal reiki, is stunning, and the right stones are essential to its success. You may strengthen the healing energy and advance wellbeing for both yourself and others by mastering the art of selecting and working with crystals in your Crystal Reiki practise. Our internationally recognised "Certification in Crystal Reiki" course equips you with the know-how and abilities to use crystal energy for healing, having a positive effect on both your overall well-being and the well-being of those you choose to assist. For a deeper, more profound healing experience, embrace the symbiotic relationship between crystal energy and Crystal Reiki.

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