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The Virtued Academy International is an autonomous institute registered by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, Government of India. All it's courses are fully accredited by IAOTH, UK. It is dedicated to virtual and online education, training, and promotion for personal, professional, and social transformation. The validity and utility of the training courses, practice, and research are in strict conformity with the Constitution of India and the laws of the land under Article 19(1) G.VAI provides continuing education and specialized training for individuals and professionals. VAI does not provide training for individuals wishing to pursue new employment, vocations, or trades, although such individuals are welcome to attend VAI programs for purposes of personal development and/or academic improvement. VAI does not accept state or federal grants for tuition. 

Welcome to Virtued Academy International, a pioneer in the online learning landscape, committed to offering the best online courses available. Our mission is to empower students around the globe with accessible, high-quality education.
If you're on the quest to find the best course online, look no further. Our platform stands at the forefront of learning websites, offering top online courses that accommodate a diverse range of educational backgrounds, career aspirations, and skills development. Our courses echo excellence and practicality, not only helping you grow academically but also fostering real-world skills.
Among the best learning websites, Virtued Academy International proudly offers a multitude of the best paid and free online courses. As we value your determination, our best online classes also come with paid and free certificate. These paid and free certificate courses online in India are accredited by IAOTH, UK, assuring you of their credibility and merit.

As a part of our commitment to enhancing your learning experience, we also host workshops online both paid and free of charge. These sessions supplement our courses, providing you with an all-rounded education. If you're seeking online health courses, wellness courses, spirituality courses, yoga courses, healing courses, IT courses, management courses, humanity courses, or paid or free online government certifications etc, you're in the right place. Virtued Academy International offers you not just courses, but an opportunity to enhance your knowledge, skills, and career prospects. We are one of the best online courses websites in India, registered by the government of India for providing paid and free online courses with certificates.

In a world where online education is booming, we are proud to be your learning companion. We are one of the few online education websites that provide government paid and free online courses with certificates. Our paid and free online courses with paid and free certificates are recognized nationally and internationally, making Virtued Academy International your go-to platform for online study courses.

Join us in this enlightening journey. Enjoy the flexibility of learning at your pace, the convenience of studying from anywhere, and the joy of receiving paid and free online courses. In case of few particular courses, you can even learn online free with Virtued Academy International, the best online learning courses platform, and secure your future. We welcome you to experience a rich learning journey with us, expanding your horizons with our top courses online. Virtued Academy International is your ultimate destination for the best paid and best free courses and online learning sites. Join us today, and let's learn together.

The VAI has representatives in various countries. To know more about it, kindly mail us here- contact [at]

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