A Comprehensive Guide to Child-Centered EMDR: Principles and Techniques

Unlocking the Healing Power of EMDR Therapy for Children

Wed Nov 29, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Child-Centered EMDR: Principles and Techniques

Childhood is a time of wonder, exploration, and growth, but it can also be a time when people face difficulties and go through traumatic events that leave them scarred for life. A highly effective method for assisting kids in recovering from trauma and emotional distress is child-centered EMDR therapy. This thorough guide will examine the tenets and methods of child-centered EMDR, illuminating its potency in fostering recovery and emotional well-being. We'll also introduce you to our "Certification in Child-Centered EMDR" course, which has received international recognition and is intended to equip professionals working in the field of child therapy.

Understanding Child-Centered EMDR Therapy

The evidence-based psychotherapy technique known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) treatment aids in the processing and recovery of traumatic experiences in patients. An variant of this therapy designed especially for kids and teenagers is called child-centered EMDR. It is based on the knowledge that typical talk therapy may be less helpful for children since they may find it challenging to express their feelings and experiences verbally.

Key Principles of Child-Centered EMDR

Safety and Trust:In child-centered EMDR, establishing a secure and dependable treatment setting is crucial. The therapist must make the child feel safe and at ease.

Age-Appropriate Techniques: Age-appropriate strategies are used in child-centered EMDR to assist children in processing and expressing their feelings. These could include storytelling, play, and painting.

Respect for Autonomy: To express themselves at their own speed, kids are encouraged. They are guided gently through the recovery process by therapists who respect their autonomy.

The Eight-Phase Approach

Child-Centered EMDR typically uses an eight-phase process that includes gathering background information, getting ready, assessing, desensitising, installing, doing a body scan, closing, and reevaluating. These stages are modified to fit the child's abilities and developmental demands.

Techniques in Child-Centered EMDR

A variety of strategies are used by Child-Centered EMDR to assist children in processing trauma and emotional distress:

Bilateral Stimulation: To aid the youngster in processing and integrating traumatic experiences, this may entail hand tapping, eye movements, or audio tones.

Resource Development:Children's internal resources, such as feelings of security, self-assurance, and self-compassion, are helped to identify and strengthened by therapists.

Positive Cognition Installation: Children are taught how to swap out their unhelpful self-perceptions with empowered ones.

Creative Expression:Children can express and make meaning of their experiences in non-verbal ways by using art, play, and storytelling.

Certification in Child-Centered EMDR”: Deepen Your Expertise

Our "Certification in Child-Centered EMDR" course is meant to increase your proficiency in child therapy if you are passionate about assisting children in recovering from trauma and emotional distress. The knowledge and abilities you gain from this well regarded training will enable you to use child-centered EMDR approaches in your practise.

In this comprehensive course, you'll learn:

The phases of child-centered EMDR therapy and its guiding principles

strategies for children and adolescents that are age-appropriate

Techniques for establishing a secure and supportive therapy environment

How to modify EMDR for various phases of development

Child-Centered EMDR for trauma healing: Useful applications

After completing the course, you'll be awarded a certification that may pave the way for a rewarding career in child therapy or allow you to enrich your own life by learning more about trauma recovery.

Enroll in the "Certification in Child-Centered EMDR" course right away to begin your transformational path toward using Child-Centered EMDR treatment to assist children in overcoming trauma and achieving emotional well-being.


Child-Centered EMDR is an amazing therapy technique that enables kids to recover from trauma and emotional distress in a secure and developmentally appropriate way. By comprehending the tenets and methods of Child-Centered EMDR

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